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Your quest for the perfect cup of tea ends here. Delivering the finest quality blends that are infused with delightful flavors and aroma, our full range of teas are made just for you.

Iced Tea Blends

Containing natural flavonoids, these iced teas have a lovely thirst-quenching flavor that ensures pure refreshment and joy.

Cold Brew Sweet Iced Tea

18 tea bags/carton
Out of Stock
6-Pack (6 x 18 tea bags/carton)
$5.39 per carton - save $3.59!
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12-Pack (12 x 18 tea bags/carton)
$5.09 per carton - save $10.78!
Out of Stock
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Our Southern Tea Just Got Sweeter! Tetley's specialty crafted sweet tea is more than just sweet, it's cold brew! Quench your thirst with this specialty pre-sweetened Sweet Tea Cold Brew! It refreshes, satisfies and always has us pouring that second cup. We've made it all the more irresistible by simplifying the brewing process without compromising any of the flavor! Enjoy a quick and easy chilled sweet tea on a hot summer day, or any time you please!

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